Department of History

UB Seminars History professor Claire Schen teaching in Park Hall.

The Department of History is dedicated to the belief that the study of the past is foundational not only to a sound education, but to a full and active life. Engaging with the past gives us the tools to understand and, when necessary, confront the issues we face today.

Experiential Learning

Our department’s experiential learning opportunities provide students with the chance to deepen their understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

  • Learn how history is put to work in the real world by completing a for-credit public history internship at a local museum, historical society, or cultural organization
  • Pursue a subject that sparks your curiosity through independent study
  • Study abroad to see events and individuals of the past through a global lens


Studying history will make you a more thoughtful and engaged citizen of the world. History students gain knowledge and build skills that translate easily to a multitude of careers. In recent years, we've sent our undergraduates out into the world to become teachers, financial analysts, social workers, real estate professionals and campus outreach coordinators.


  • BA in History
  • MA in History
  • MA in Public History
  • PhD in History

Combined Degrees

  • BA/EdM in History and Social Studies Education
  • BA/JD in History


  • Minor in History