Department of Economics

Prof. Neel Rao teaches Labor Economics on the first day of classes in a Knox Hall lecture hall in February 2021.

Economics is a social science that studies scarcity, how people allocate resources and respond to incentives, and other complex issues of concern to society. In the Department of Economics, students embrace a rigorous curriculum that unveils the fascinating psychology and science behind production, consumption and wealth.

Experiential Learning

Our department’s experiential learning opportunities provide students with the chance to deepen their understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

  • Serve as an undergraduate teaching assistant
  • Gain first-hand experience in research while working alongside a faculty member
  • Learn invaluable lessons from the professional world at an internship in the Buffalo area or elsewhere


The most popular careers in economics are in financial services, including brokerage firms, investment banks, retail banks and insurance companies. Economics is also applicable to many other fields such as consulting, retail management, consumer goods industries, advertising, publishing, non-profit research organizations and government agencies.


  • BA in Economics
  • MA in Economics
  • MA in Economics and Education Policy Analysis
  • MS in Econometric and Quantitative Economics
  • PhD in Economics 

Combined Degrees

  • BA/MA in Economics
  • BA/MS in Economics

Joint Major

  • BA in Economics and Mathematics


  • Minor in Economics