Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Students talking with the professor at davis hall.

Philosophy studies the foundation of our values while examining the nature of justice, knowledge and reality. In the Department of Philosophy, students learn the fundamental theories that frame our intellectual heritage and master the essential tools for investigating and developing ideas that shape our lives today.

Experiential Learning

Our department’s experiential learning opportunities provide students with the chance to deepen their understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

  • Partner with faculty on a research project
  • Study abroad and learn directly from other nations and cultures
  • Explore what makes you curious through independent study


Philosophy trains students to think clearly and critically, skills considered highly valuable for various professions like attorneys, communication directors, ontologists, policy analysts, bioethicists or a life in academics. Many of our students pursue advanced degrees in philosophy, law and medicine or find career success in teaching, business, social and natural sciences, arts, journalism and the government.

With our currently competitive and dynamic job market, it’s wise to choose a degree that gives you a fairly broad horizon of options. Our department will help you develop foundational skills for career success after graduation.


  • BA in Philosophy
  • BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • MA in Philosophy  
  • PhD in Philosophy 

Combined Degrees

  • BA/JD in Philosophy


  • Minor in Philosophy
  • Minor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics