College Ambassador Spotlight - Joe Mason

Joe Mason is a 2020-2021 UB College Ambassador for the Department of Economics and is double majoring in Economics and Political Science.  As a College Ambassador, he was nominated by the faculty of the Department of Economics to represent the university and serve as a source of information for current and prospective students!

Joe Mason.

Joe Mason

Why did you choose economics?

JM: I chose economics initially because of my interest in politics and political science, but I have become far more interested in behavioral economics and econometrics since transferring to UB.

Which class in the major has been your favorite and why?

JM: My favorite class in the major thus far has been Econometrics I (ECO 480). It applies statistical analysis to economics, and builds skills needed for graduate school and independent research.

Fast Facts.

Fast Facts

What is your top piece of advice for students in the economics major?

JM: Get to know your professors. They will give you opportunities if you show that you care about what you're studying.

What is one thing that you recommend students do while at UB?

JM: Even though now is a less accessible time to do so, I still recommend that every student join a club or participate in extracurricular activities. UB has a plethora of different clubs and activities going on every single day! It is a great way to meet people with similar mindsets, interests, and aspirations.