College Ambassador Spotlight - Michael De La Rosa

Michael De La Rosa is a 2020-2021 UB College Ambassador for the Department of Economics and is double majoring in Economics and Math.  As a College Ambassador, he was nominated by the faculty of the Department of Economics to represent the university and serve as a source of information for current and prospective students!

Michael De La Rosa.

Michael De La Rosa

Why did you choose economics?

MDLR: I, like most other Americans, believed economics to be about superficial things, like the stock market. So my interest in economics stemmed from that. I am so happy that my time here at UB has opened my eyes to the vast array of topics that economics concerns itself with and I am so grateful that I chose economics

Which class in the major has been your favorite and why?

MDLR: Econometrics with Dr. McLaughlin has been my absolute favorite class so far. My love for the class stems from the fact that Dr. McLaughlin is teaching us material that tangibly can be applied to the real world. After stepping away from this course, I know that I am able to use the skills in that course to interpret information from the real world, and try my best to create models to interpret and approximate the real world.

Which class outside the major has been your favorite and why?

MDLR: Music 301, introduction to electronic music has been my absolute favorite class outside of economics, just ahead of linear algebra. I think it is important to experience more artistic classes in order to enjoy the much more math-oriented courses in my schedule.

Fast Facts.

Fast Facts

What is your top piece of advice for students in the economics major?

MDLR: My top piece of advice for students in the economics major is to sit at the front row, do your best to excel and do not be afraid to interact with your professor. The economics department is, in my opinion much more close-knit than most of the majors at the University at Buffalo, and I am grateful to have been in the classes of professors like Dr. McLaughlin, Dr. Fahle and Dr. Holmes.

What is one thing that you recommend students do while at UB?

MDLR: Become friends with students in your classes. If you want to be successful, studying is essential, and studying with (productive) friends has created memories that I will never forget.