Music Academic Minor

Student Choir.

The Music Academic Minor is designed for students with majors in non-music disciplines who are passionate about pursuing music study at the university level. This degree strengthens fundamental music theory and music history skills and allows students to choose four free music electives in the composition, music theory or music history concentrations. Additionally, limited tracks are available for students with an interest in music production, including a sequence of courses in electronic music production and an independent study working in the Slee and Baird performance spaces alongside the Director of Music Technology. All academic minors are required to participate in two Department of Music ensembles of their choice.

Application Requirements

Applicants for the Academic Music Minor must submit an applicationaudition (if instrument or voice lessons will be a part of the degree program) and complete MUS 105 with a minimum grade of "C."

Course Requirements

The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing an Academic Music Minor. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. There are 28 total required credit hours in music for this degree. Academic standards that apply to music majors will also apply to music minors.

Applied Lessons for Academic Music Minors

Academic Music Minors who participate in the UB Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band are eligible to audition for no-fee applied music lessons. When completing the application and audition request form, please select "Non-major Lessons & Concert Band/Orchestra." Students who are unable to join the orchestra or concert band may audition for fee-based lessons and should select "Fee-based lessons ($275/semester)."

Theory MUS 105; MUS 106 10 credits
History MUS 213-214 6 credits
Electives* Upper-division credit 12 credits

*At least 8 of these credits must be academic (non-performance) coursework.