BA in Physics – Teaching of Science: Physics and Chemistry

The Department of Physics offers a BA in Physics with Teaching of Science Physics and Chemistry Concentration. This degree provides the essential background in physics and chemistry necessary for teaching physics and chemistry at the secondary (grades 7-12) level. This track is highly appropriate for students who wish to pursue graduate study in education; however, it is not ideal for students who wish to pursue graduate study in physics.

Career Outlook

Professional physicists typically pursue careers in teaching, research or some combination of the two. Teaching opportunities are available at the secondary, community college, or university level, where professors often engage in their own research projects. 

Currently, there is a severe shortage of physics teachers at the secondary level. By choosing to teach physics at the secondary level, you could be part of revolutionizing physics education. It's also a way to combine your physics expertise with skills in other areas, such as mathematics and chemistry. It's important to note that to teach high school physics in New York State, teachers are required to hold a Master's of Education degree. Visit the UB Graduate School of Education to learn more. If you are interested in teaching in other states, be sure to research that particular state's requirements