Minor in Physics

The Minor in Physics provides a good secondary area of concentration for all students in science and engineering, as well as students pursuing degrees in related fields, such as philosophy, history or the arts. 

Career Outlook

Professional physicists typically pursue careers in teaching, research or some combination of the two. Teaching opportunities are available at the secondary, community college, or university level, where professors often engage in their own research projects. Opportunities for non-instructional research careers generally fall into two categories: the private sector (such as the computer chip industry), or national government-supported laboratories such as Argonne or Brookhaven.

Approximately 75% of UB undergraduate students in physics go on to graduate school. Many continue to study physics, but a significant number choose to pursue alternative paths, including law, business, medicine, biophysics and medical physics. Some of our outstanding recent graduates have been accepted into internationally-recognized programs at schools such as Princeton University, Cornell University, the University of Chicago, MIT and the University at Buffalo.