Allocation of State-Funded Graduate Lines

All state funded graduate lines that will be unused at the end of a given academic year will be considered recruitment lines for the upcoming year.

Depending on the availability of recruitment lines, each research active faculty member* will be eligible for one such line, provided that the supervising faculty member has no state funded student who will be in his or her first or second year of funding in the following academic year.

If a faculty member chooses not to use a recruitment line, the line will be allocated by the chair.

It is expected that recruitment lines will be used for support of new students. A line may be used for support of any other graduate student only by permission of the chair.

If the number of eligible faculty exceeds the number of available lines, faculties who have students in their third or four guaranteed years of funding will not be eligible for recruitment lines. If the number of eligible faculty still exceeds the number of recruitment lines, the chair, in consultation with the Administrative Team and the Policy and Planning Committee, will determine a fair and equitable means of distributing the lines.

If a student who will be in his or her first or second year of funding chooses to work with another faculty member, the chair will make a determination as to whether the former and new supervising faculty members will be eligible for recruitment lines.

The chair will allocate free lines based on departmental and area needs. Free lines are defined as (1) any lines remaining after allocation of recruitment lines to eligible faculty or (2) lines that become available because of a faculty member’s failure to recruit.

If a graduate student is accepted without funding, the student and prospective supervising faculty member should have no expectations that state funding will ensue in subsequent years. Under no circumstances should any faculty member promise or promote expectations that an unfunded student will receive funding in the form of a state line at any point in the recruitment process or in the student’s graduate career.

The department will reserve one state line for the research participant group coordinator and one for the assistant director of the Psychological Services Center.

*“Research active” status will be determined by the chair based on professional activity within the past three years involving substantive participation of graduate students. “Faculty” is defined in the Department of Psychology bylaws.