Contact Information

Please note: This list is posted for the convenience of faculty, staff, and students; it does not have official status as a complete list of resources and in no way modifies or replaces official lists of University resources.

Admissions, Graduate

Mary Wlodarczyk, 206C Park Hall, 645-8617

Building Maintenance

University Facilities, Customer Service, 645-2025

Business Services, Campus Services, Financial Services, Human Resource Services

UB Administrative Services Gateway

CAS Academic Advisors

275 Park Hall, 645-6883

Classroom Tech Services

Request forms distributed to instructor mailboxes
5 to 9 months in advance

Computer/Tech Assistance

Copy Room

208 Park Hall, 8:30 am – 4:15 pm

Course Scheduling

Christa Greenberg, 283 Park Hall, 645-0205; Mary Schnepf, 210 Park Hall, 645-3660

Equipment Inventory

Rita Hamilton or Jennifer Read

Grade Change Forms

AJ Imiolo, Kelly Valenti, Mary Wlodarczyk

Graduate Assistant Appointments

Departmental: Mary Schnepf, 645-3660;
Research Foundation: AJ Imiolo, 645-0237

Graduate Student Directory and Offices

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Employees Union



Kelly Valenti, 214 Park Hall, 645-3653

Lost and Found

University Police, 645-2227


Kelly Valenti, 214 Park Hall

Poster Printing University Print Services, see UBBox for procedural details
RPG Coordinator Leslie Mei,

Room Reservations: B-75, 209, 223, 241, 366

AJ Imiolo, Kelly Valenti, Mary Wlodarczyk

Room Reservations: Park Hall Room 280

CAS Dean’s Office, 645-0744


University Police, 645-2222

Travel Reimbursement—Faculty/Grad Students

AJ Imiolo, 645-3653

Undergraduate Students

Christa Greenberg, Park 283, 645-0205

UPA/Psi Chi Events

UPA/Psi Chi Events Calendar

Work-study Students

Kelly Valenti, 214 Park Hall, 645-3653