Contact Information

Please note: This list is posted for the convenience of faculty, staff, and students; it does not have official status as a complete list of resources and in no way modifies or replaces official lists of University resources.

Admissions, Graduate

Mary Wlodarczyk, 206C Park Hall, 645-8617

Building Maintenance

University Facilities, Customer Service, 645-2025

Business Services, Campus Services, Financial Services, Human Resource Services

UB Administrative Services Gateway

CAS Academic Advisors

275 Park Hall, 645-6883

Classroom Tech Services

 UB Technology Classrooms

Computer/Tech Assistance

College of Arts and Sciences Educational Technology (CASET)

Copier Assistance

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Copy Room

208 Park Hall, 8:30 am – 4:15 pm

Course Scheduling

Christa Greenberg, 283 Park Hall, 645-0205; Mary Schnepf, 210 Park Hall, 645-3660

Equipment Inventory

Rita Hamilton or Jennifer Read

Facilities Orders & Contact

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant. Can also contact Doug Borsuk (Facilities Coordinator, 645-0741) directly for assistance.

Front Office Duties

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Grade Changes

Office of the Registrar, Faculty & Grading; see "Grade Change Tool" in the left vertical menu

Graduate Assistant Appointments

Departmental: Mary Schnepf, 645-3660;
Research Foundation: Laurie Wikander, 645-0243

Graduate Student Directory and Offices

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Employees Union


IRB Staff Contact Information Office of Research Compliance Directory


Linda Brandel, Psych Main Office, 206 Park Hall

Lost and Found

University Police, 645-2227

Mail Assistance

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant


Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Office Supplies

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Poster Printing UB Print Services, see UBBox for procedural details and Psychology Department specifics.

CAS Procurement Team; please make sure to provide the number you want charged (include as much detail as possible with your request).


If needed, please review how to assign a delegate in Concur, best practices for procurement requests, and/or best practices for Concur requests.

RPG Coordinator Leslie Mei,

Room Reservations: B-75, 209, 223, 241, 366

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Room Reservations: Park Hall Room 280

CAS Dean’s Office, 645-0744


University Police, 645-2222

Travel Reimbursement—Faculty/Grad Students

CAS Procurement Team, main contact Kim Brown, 645-4022. If needed, please review how to assign a delegate in Concur and/or best practices for Concur requests. Also, check out the Quick Guide for Travel Reimbursement According to Funding Source.

Undergraduate Students

Christa Greenberg, Park 283, 645-0205

UPA/Psi Chi Events

UPA/Psi Chi Events Calendar

Volunteer Appointments

Linda Brandel or Graduate Assistant

Work-study Students

Graduate Assistant, 206 Park Hall