Faculty Grant Pre-Review Program


Description: Funding is available to support the pre-review of faculty-led federal grant proposals. Given the competitiveness and time lags inherent in the grant process, this program is meant to provide relatively rapid input from an external reviewer in advance of a new grant submission or a resubmission.

Award Amount: The external reviewer will be paid $500 upon submission of the review.

Eligibility Information: All full-time faculty in the Department of Psychology with appointments that allow them to submit external proposals through the UB Sponsored Projects Services Office are eligible to apply.

Process: Send the following to the Coordinator of Research Advancement (Psychology CoRA) at least 8 weeks before the application deadline:

  • The body of the grant proposal.
  • A list of 2-3 potential external reviewers (reviewers should not be people who are currently on the review panel, but people who have served on the review panel in the past are excellent choices).
  • Guidance for the reviewer:
    • New submissions: List/describe any issues for which you specifically want feedback.
    • Resubmissions: Include reviews of the previous submission, highlighting specific reviewer comments of concern.

Requests for external pre-review will be considered by the Coordinator of Research Advancement and the Department Chair. Final approval will be at the discretion of the Chair.

Please direct any pre- or post-submission inquiries to the Psychology CoRA.