Department Governance

Chair Jennifer Read
Associate Chair Sandra Murray
Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Admissions Craig Colder
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Micheal Dent

Director, Psychology Honors Program Wendy Quinton
Behavioral Neuroscience Area Head Paul Meyer
Clinical Area Head Jamie Ostrov
Cognitive Area Head Micheal Dent
Social-Personality Area Head

Michael Poulin (Fall 2023) 

Mark Seery (Spring 2024)

Clinical/Teaching Faculty Representative Wendy Quinton
Distance Learning Coordinator Tim Pruitt
Coordinator of Research Advancement (CORA)
Larry Hawk
Associate Director of Clinical Training John Roberts
Department Senate  
  ~Department Faculty  
  ~4 Graduate Students Elizabeth Rakowski
  Ashmita Mukherjee

Robert Cooper

  TBA (Vacant)
~4 Undergraduate Students

Bidushi Bhowmik

  Riley Godwin
  Gwen Gominiak
  Matthew Proy
Policy and Planning Committee  
  Becky Ashare (22-24)- Clinical
  Julie Bowker (22-24)- Clinical
  Andrés Buxó-Lugo (23-25)- Cognitive
  Peter Pfordresher (22-24)- Cognitive
  Ken DeMarree (23-25)- Social
  Tim Pruitt (22-24)- Clinical/Teaching Faculty/Research Scientist
  Greg Loney (23-25)- Behavioral Neuroscience
Personnel Committee  
  Shira Gabriel (22-24)
  Joyce Lacy (22-24) Advisory
  Sandra Murray (23-25)
  Michael Poulin (23-25)
  Len Simms (23-25)
  Ann-Marie Torregrossa (22-24)
Graduate Studies Committee  
~Director of Graduate Studies and Chair Craig Colder
~Assistant for Academics Mary Schnepf
~1 Faculty representative each area  
   ~Behavioral Neuroscience Matthew Paul
   ~Clinical Becca Schwartz-Mette
   ~Cognitive Federica Bulgarelli
   ~Social Michael Poulin
~1 Student representative each area  
   ~Behavioral Neuroscience Ashmita Mukherjee
   ~Clinical Sera Levy
   ~Cognitive Anthony Nguyen
   ~Social Veronica Schneider
Undergraduate Studies Committee:  

Micheal Dent  

~Coordinator Undergraduate Studies Christa Greenberg
  Craig Colder (23-25)
  Paul Meyer (22-24) 
  Ericka Nus (22-24)
2 Graduate Student Representatives Sera Levy 
  Emalee Kerr
2 Undergraduate Representatives Marco Felipe
  Amy Maslin
Equity and Inclusion Committee  
~Co-Chairs and Diversity Officer*

Kenneth DeMarree

Joyce Lacy*

Faculty Representatives Andrés Buxó-Lugo
  Paul Meyer
  Becca Schwartz-Mette
  Scott Wersinger
Graduate Student Representative TBA (Vacant)
Undergraduate Student Representatives TBA (Vacant)
Assessment Committee  
~Coordinator Ericka Nus
~Department Chair Jennifer Read
~Undergraduate Program Rep Micheal Dent
~Undergraduate Program Rep Christa Greenberg
~Graduate Program Rep Craig Colder
~Graduate Program Rep Mary Schnepf
  Carey Dowling
  Kimberly James
  Alexis Thompson
Awards and Recognition Committee  
  Federica Bulgarelli (22-24)- Cognitive
  Matt Paul (23-25)- Behavioral Neuroscience
  Mark Seery (23-25)- Social (Starting Spring 2024)
  Jamie Ostrov (23-25)- Clinical  (replacing John Roberts on Sabbatical)
  Sarah Taber-Thomas (22-24)- Clinical Faculty/Research Scientist
Grievance Committee  
Faculty Representatives Faculty representation consists of a subset of three members of the Personnel Committee 
~3 Elected Graduate Students

Samantha Johnstone

  Elizabeth Rakowski
  Joame Lissade

Emalee Kerr and Nicole Koefler

~3 Elected Undergraduate Students Corinee Kazmierczak
  Amy Maslin
  Savannah Johnson

Research Participant Group Chair

 Shira Gabriel
Graduate Admissions Committee  
~Director of Graduate Studies and Chair Craig Colder
~Assistant for Academics Mary Schnepf
Elected by Clinical Area Craig Colder
Elected by BN Area Greg Loney
Elected by Cognitive Area Andrés Buxó-Lugo 
Elected by Social Area Kenneth DeMarree
Website Committee  
~Chair and Administrator Wendy Quinton
Director of Graduate Studies Craig Colder
Director of Undergraduate Studies Micheal Dent
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies Christa Greenberg
Assistant for Academics Mary Schnepf
Psychology Graduate Student Association  
~President Robert Cooper
~Vice President Gabriela Pascuzzi
~Treasurer Nicole Koefler
~Secretary Xinyao Ma
~APA Representative Bernard Pereda
~Senators Sherika Caliste
  Brittney Greene
  Sarah Honeycutt
Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA)  
~President Taylor Adams
~Vice President Athena Smith
~Treasurer Gwen Gominiak
~Secretary Alysse Rollins
~Social Media Coordinator Riley Godwin
~Volunteer Coordinator Joe Cook
~Advisor Christa Greenberg
Psi Chi, International Honor Society in Psychology  
~President Jessica Gurbacki
~Vice President Reilly Diemond
~Secretary Trishani Sudanandan
~Social Media Voice and Graphic Designer Khushi Parashar
~Program Coordinator Rowan Radel

~Community Service Coordinator

Alexis Dimitroff

~Faculty Advisor Joyce Lacy
Student Representative for VPUE Academic Integrity Adjudication Committee Riley Godwin
CAS Decanal Representative  
~Undergraduate Faculty Representative Micheal Dent
~Undergraduate Student Representative Riddhi Shelat
~Graduate Faculty Representative Craig Colder
~Graduate Student Representative

Elizabeth Rakowski

2022-2023 College Ambassador Program       
  Rachel Fan
  Caramia Michno