Major Completion Timeline

Plan Your Path

The department designed the Major Completion Timeline to help Psychology majors stay on track with their degree and make the most of the opportunities, experiences and resources at the University at Buffalo.

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior After You Graduate

Courses to Take

  • PSY 300-level courses that fulfill major requirements
  • If major status is achieved, PSY 400-level courses that fulfill major requirements
  • PSY 450 Advanced Research Methods, especially if you are considering the Psychology Honors Program and/or advanced study

Experience to Get

  • Consider or continue working as a research assistant (PSY 498 Undergraduate Research) or in an internship (PSY 496 Supervised Applied Experience)
  • Consider serving as a teaching assistant (PSY 495 Undergraduate Supervised Teaching)
  • If you qualify, apply for admission to UB’s chapter of Psi Chi, The International Honors Society in Psychology
  • If interested, run for an officer position in the Undergraduate Psychology Association or Psi Chi

Preparation to Do