Major Completion Timeline

Plan Your Path

The department designed the Major Completion Timeline to help Psychology majors stay on track with their degree and make the most of the opportunities, experiences and resources at the University at Buffalo.

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior After You Graduate

What's next?

There are many exciting pathways open to recently-graduated Psychology Majors. Some options to consider: 

  • Directly related clinical practice in psychology (with PhD in psychology) or psychiatry (with MD and residency)
  • Directly related work in mental health as a counselor (e.g., vocational, rehabilitation, probation, alcohol and drug), school psychologist, or social worker (with further education at the master’s level)
  • Directly related work in psychology research and teaching (with further education at the master’s or PhD level)
  • Allied fields involving the analysis of human behavior (e.g., market research, government programs and agencies, personnel manager, human resources, management analyst, human factors specialist, public relations specialist, research/research technician, administrative services, community service, sales)
  • Work as a research assistant in a university or other scientific laboratory, pharmaceutical company, or biomedical science institute
  • Allied fields involving public health (e.g., behavior modification management, caseworker, occupational therapist, administration of hospitals and mental health facilities, medical technician)
  • Allied fields involving education (e.g., teacher, vocational rehabilitation counselor and youth worker, guidance counselor, youth worker)
  • Work in health professions as a physician (with MD and residency), nurse (with further education), dentist (with DDS), veterinarian (with DVM)
  • Work in law (with JD), criminal justice, law enforcement, probation officer
  • Work involving behavioral statistics and computer applications used in psychological research, including computer programming