Health and Human Services: Social Gerontology

A female student with an elderly man in a wheelchair.

Social Gerontology is one of three concentrations in the Health and Human Services major. Each concentration examines the systems delivering human services to individuals and communities in need, social problems, and the professions and professionals providing services. The curriculum incorporates introductory social science, statistics and research methods, human biology, ethics and specialized courses developed for each concentration.

About the Program

The Health and Human Services: Social Gerontology major is designed for students with an interest in the aging process and health care issues as they pertain to older adults. Students explore the physical, social and psychological impacts of aging by focusing on issues and conditions that impact the elderly.

All students complete two 3-credit internships where they experience various aspects of health and human services work with the elderly, learn about the resources available to help older adults improve the quality of their lives, and gain exposure to potential career paths and employment opportunities.

Prerequisite Courses

  • SSC 103: Introduction to Health and Human Services
  • PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

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