Separations and Analysis

Prof. Troy Wood and student.

New and more powerful methodologies to analyze species of chemical and biochemical interest have direct impact in many areas (e.g., environmental, biomedical, pharmaceutical, materials).

Separations and Analysis Research at UB

Research groups in the department focus on developing analytical methods with improved sensitivity and reliability as well as developing methods that provide a deeper understanding of molecular-level processes in heterogeneous environments. Active research spans many areas, including the fundamental understanding of chemical separations, advanced mass spectrometry for the study of complex biological processes, analytical techniques to study the environmental fate and transport of emerging contaminants, surface analysis, development of chemical sensors, chemical imaging at the micro- and nano-scale and fundamental studies in crystalline materials with state-of-the-art X-ray diffractometers.

Groups have, in addition, an interest in developing fast methodologies and high-throughput screening techniques. Many of these research efforts are highly interdisciplinary.

Affiliated Faculty

Illustration depicting separations and analysis chemistry.