UB Faculty Outreach Seminars

Our most valuable resource is the students who are actively engaged in research. Faculty from UB’s Department of Chemistry would be pleased to visit your campus and to present some of our research to you, your colleagues and your students.

These seminars are part of our continuing outreach program to keep in close contact with the faculty at nearby institutions and of our efforts to identify and attract the highest quality graduate students to UB.

The department will cover all travel expenses.

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to arrange a visit by one of our faculty, please see the faculty directory to contact them directly. You may also contact the chair of our Graduate Recruiting Committee, Prof. Andrew Murkin, at amurkin@buffalo.edu or (716) 645-4249.

Available Seminars

Faculty Expert Seminar Title

Diana Aga

  • Yellow is the New Green: Cheap Fertilizers and Free Drugs?
Alexey Akimov
  • Charge Transfer at Heterojunctions: Insights from Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics
  • Quantum Dynamics in Materials: Theory, Tools, Applications
  • Charge Carrier Dynamics in Perovskites and 2D Materials
Ekin Atilla-Gokcumen
  • Lipids: Are They Friends or Foe? And How Can We Figure This Out?
Jochen Autschbach
  • On Fertilizers, Explosives, and How Relativity Start Your Car
Jason Benedict
  • Watching Crystals Work: Structural Dynamics of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Sherry Chemler
  • New Developments in Asymmetric Catalysis and Natural Product Synthesis
Luis Colón
  • Tinkering with Silica: Old and New Approaches to Modify Particles for HPLC
Timothy Cook
  • Chemistry at the Intersection of Self-Assembly and Energy Conversion
  • Self-Assembled Cofacial Catalysts for Small Molecule Activations
Steven Diver
  • Olefin Metathesis by the Grubbs Ruthenium Carbenes: Current Problems and Future Directions
  • New Approaches to Catalyst Design for Alkene Metathesis Applications
Emanuela Gionfriddo
  • Seek and ye shall find: in the quest of separating small molecules from complex media
Bing Gong
  • Biomimetic Molecular Design
  • Directed Molecular Association, Folding, and Macrocyclization
David Heppner
  • Rational Design of Targeted Therapies in Oncology
  • Reversible Cysteine Oxidation in Cellular Signaling
David Lacy
  • Organometallics and Renewable Energy
Y. Chris Li
  • Electrochemical Generation of Renewable Fuels
Qing Lin
  • Photoinducible Bioorthogonal Chemistry: A New Tool for Chemical Biology
Janet Morrow
  • Responsive Transition Metal MRI Contrast Agents for Mapping Biological Environment
Andrew Murkin
  • New Approaches for Enzyme Inhibitor Design
Steven Ray
  • Distance of Flight Mass Spectrometry: Developing a Brand New Type of Mass Spectrometer
  • The Use of a New Liquid Glow Discharge for Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  • Microwave-Enhanced Ionization Sources for Mass Spectrometry
John Richard
  • The Role of Flexible Protein Loops in Enzymatic Catalysis
  • The Utilization of Substrate Binding Energy in Catalysis by Large and Small Molecules
  • Orotidine 5'-Phosphate Decarboxylase: Catalyst Extraordinaire
Javid Rzayev
  • Molecular Bottlebrushes: Building Blocks for Nanomaterials
Thomas Szyperski
  • NMR in an ‘omics’-world
Luis Velarde
  • Molecular Processes at Surfaces and Interfaces: The Very Fast and the Very Small
David Watson
  • Quantum Dot Heterostructures for Excited-State Electron Transfer and Photocatalysis
Troy Wood
  • Urinary Stercobilin: A Potential Biomarker for Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Eva Zurek
  • Chemistry Under Pressure