Prof. Yavid Rzayev and students.

Building complex molecules from a collection of smaller fragments has long been the way of life in nature’s laboratories. Chemical synthesis is at the heart of much chemistry research, as it is the basis for discovering compounds with new physical or biological properties.

Synthesis Research at UB

Synthetic chemists have broken through the constraints of biological systems and have been developing an increasingly diverse synthetic toolbox for the preparation of completely new molecular and large supramolecular structures that continue to save lives and propel us toward a better future.

Both organic and inorganic synthetic chemists at UB strive to develop new methods and processes for creating bioactive and biomimetic molecules, functional macromolecules, precisely shaped nanoparticles, photo- and catalytically active organometallic scaffolds, and inorganic clusters and cages. Active projects in this area involve metal-catalyzed reactions, chiral catalysis, hydrothermal synthesis, controlled radical polymerizations and bioorthogonal chemistry.

Affiliated Faculty

Illustration depicting synthesis chemistry.