Materials and Nano

Close up view of Graphene.

From the Stone Age to the Nanotechnology Age, designing new and better materials has always been a primary challenge of humankind. Materials structured at the nanometer length scale exhibit new physical phenomena and offer highly beneficial properties for electronics, energy and health-related applications.

Materials and Nano Research at UB

Chemists have played a central role in developing molecular understanding of novel materials and their function. Armed with an excellent array of instrumentation facilities, faculty in the Department of Chemistry at UB are involved in designing new organic, inorganic, polymeric and hybrid materials; investigating “bottom-up” self-assembly methods to produce highly tunable nanostructured scaffolds; characterizing surface properties and bulk morphology of materials; achieving phenomenological understanding of physical principles governing their function; and modeling properties of materials using computational methods.

Affiliated Faculty

Illustration depicting materials and nano chemistry.