Department of Chemistry

Smart COE Group Photo with Kemper Lewis, Michael Silver, Kenneth English, and Omar Kahn in the Engineering Machine Shop in Jarvis Hall.

Chemistry explores the composition and transformation of matter, a science that is central to energy production, health care and environmental protection. Students in the Department of Chemistry learn through hands-on or computational experiments in both classroom and laboratory settings, specializing in analytical, inorganic, medicinal, organic and physical chemistry.

Experiential Learning

Grow into an active global citizen focused on problem-solving, creative innovation and collaborative civic engagement through one of our experiential learning opportunities.

  • Partner with a faculty member on a research project
  • Make an impact through an internship with a local or national organization
  • Join the UB Chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society


Chemists are employed in many industries including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, construction and materials, the automotive industry, government research and forensics. Skilled in problem-solving, data analysis and technical communication, a growing number of chemists are also employed in non-traditional careers ranging from computing and information science to patent law, marketing and public policy.


  • BA in Chemistry
  • BS in Chemistry
  • BS in Medicinal Chemistry
  • MS in Chemistry
  • MS in Medicinal Chemistry
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • PhD in Medicinal Chemistry 

Combined Degrees

  • BS/MS in Medicinal Chemistry
  • BA in Chemistry/EdM in Chemistry Adolescence
  • BA/PharmD in Chemistry


  • Minor in Chemistry
  • Minor in Medicinal Chemistry