Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

The Motor Speech Disorders Lab, run by Dr. Kris Tjaden, with the Department of Communicative Disorder and Sciences in Cary Hall.

The Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences offers students a pre-professional major that focuses on the development and breakdown of speech, language and hearing processes. Courses cover the nature and causes of communicative disorders, the techniques used to assess and diagnose speech, language and hearing disorders and the current methods used to remedy these problems.

Experiential Learning

Our department’s experiential learning programs provide students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the world outside the typical university setting.

  • Partner with faculty on a research project
  • Make an impact in the community through an internship with a local organization
  • Spend a semester as an aid to a speech language pathologist in a Buffalo school
  • Study abroad and learn directly from other nations and cultures
  • Explore what makes you curious through independent study


The need for well-trained speech language pathology and audiology practitioners shows no sign of diminishing within New York state or nationwide. The majority of our graduates work in hospitals, community clinics and school systems. In addition, many professionals seek and find employment in institutions for the deaf and hearing impaired or for the mentally and developmentally disabled.


  • BA in Speech and Hearing Science
  • MA in Speech Language Pathology
  • MS in Social Sciences-Interdisciplinary: Auditory Sciences
  • AuD in Audiology
  • PhD in Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Combined Degrees

  • BA in Speech and Hearing Science/EdM in Early Childhood-Childhood Education
  • BA in Speech and Hearing Science/EdM in ESOL
  • MBA/AuD in Business Administration and Audiology


  • Minor in Speech and Hearing Science