GGSS Virtual Help Desk

Illustration of virtual work and meetings.

The Global Gender and Sexuality Studies Department has created its own virtual help desk to provide additional help for students enrolled in GGSS courses.


The help desk is designed in a virtual format to support students both on and off campus. Our mission is to help build and sustain a growing GGSS scholarly community that is congenial, supportive, thriving, and driven by the spirit of inquiry, as well as to provide students in our department with time, dedication, and resources in order to help them to be successful, to feel empowered, to face challenges, to learn about our field and department, and to balance the many scholarly activities in which they are engaged.

What we do

We provide help with brainstorming, topic generation, and idea development for academic projects and course assignments, and we answer questions about and provide direction and resources relating to the field of gender and sexuality studies, the GGSS major, and the department. We provide collaborative support, and we offer students another perspective on their work. We encourage students to bring questions or projects they are working on to us for support, feedback, and guidance.

Accessing the help desk

The GGSS Help Desk can be accessed using the Zoom links provided. If you have any trouble accessing the Help Desk, please contact the Help Desk Administrator at

Click on the following links during the Help Desk Hours to visit the virtual help desk:

Tuesday (11:30 AM-1 PM EST):

Click here to join the Zoom meeting (UB login required)

Thursday (11:30 AM-1 PM EST): 

Click here to join the Zoom meeting (UB login required)


Who should visit the help desk?

We welcome all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in GGS courses.