Major in Global Gender Studies

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A Major, Double Major or Joint Major in Global Gender Studies helps students develop critical thinking, persuasive writing, analytical skills and an open mind. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of today’s diverse, multicultural world and their role in creating social change

About the Global Gender Studies Major

Since 1990, there has been a 300% increase in women’s and gender studies programs. Career opportunities are at a record high for students with degrees and training in women’s studies and gender analysis. Our students graduate with a variety of in-demand skills, including the ability to work well in diverse groups and apply creative analysis. 

The Global Gender Studies undergraduate program offers courses in three areas: Cultures and Identities; Women and Global Citizenship; and Gender and Public Policy. Our courses synthesize local and global knowledge, linking gender to history, literature and policy. 

Throughout their course of study, students will benefit from the expertise of professors preparing them for graduate work and employment in a wide range of fields.

Student Voices

The department has a way of scooping up students who don't even know GGSs exists, and helping them find what they didn’t realize they were looking for.

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Student Voices

The lectures and concepts were very interesting and new to me and the teachers are passionate!

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