Minor in Sexuality Studies

Genderfluid pride flag.

Student displays Genderfluid pride flag during Pride Month celebrations on campus.

A Minor in Sexuality Studies is an ideal option for students who are committed to understand how sexualities are produced, articulated, and enacted over time and space. 

About the Sexuality Studies Minor


The Minor in Sexuality Studies will foster critical thinking, creativity, applied knowledge, and communication skills. Courses in the minor will address major questions of sexuality from a feminist and queer studies point of view, including: What is meant by the concepts of “sex,” “gender,” and “sexual desire” and how have these concepts changed across time and place? What is the relationship among sex, gender, and sexual desire in different contexts? And how have those categories been created, contested and deployed?

A Sexuality Studies minor is the perfect complement to a wide range of majors, including psychology, public health, management, sociology, law, nursing, public health, or interdisciplinary social sciences degrees. This degree makes students more competitive for employment and internships in fields including social work, counseling, education, social services, government, non-profit advocacy, health care, and the arts.

Degree Requirements

Acceptance Criteria: Miniminum 2.0 GPA overall
Total Credit Hours: 18

Required Courses: 6 credits

  • GGS 109 Introduction to Sexuality Studies
  • GGS 265 Sexuality and Cultures

Electives: 12 credits

Choose four (4) of these approved courses (Note: At least two courses must be from Global Gender Studies (GGS)):

  • GGS 308: Image and Gender
  • GGS/HIS 341: Social History of Women in the United States
  • GGS 325: Violence in a Gendered World
  • GGS 350/HIS 367: Gender and Sexuality in Africa
  • GGS 368/JDS 301: Research in Human Sexuality and Religion
  • GGS 369/ENG 371: Queer Theory
  • GGS 379: Sex, Gender and Popular Culture
  • GGS 324: Controlling Reproduction
  • APY 312: Culture & Reproduction
  • ENG 323: Sex and Gender in the Nineteenth Century
  • ENG 327: Gender in Asian Literature
  • ENG 306: Love in the Western World
  • SOC 338: Sociology of Sexuality

*Substitution of some courses may be possible; please make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.

How to Apply

Student Voices

I like how thoroughly the teachers explain philosophy and how it connects to current/ historical events because I can transfer that information between different GGS and non-GGS classes.

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