Minor in Global Gender Studies

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A Minor in Global Gender Studies is an ideal option for students who are committed to equality and social justice issues, but have chosen a career path that requires a different major. 

About the Global Gender Studies Minor

A Global Gender Studies minor is the perfect complement to a wide range of majors, providing students with the opportunity to explore their major discipline from a deeper, broader perspective, and stand out in an employment pool of candidates with similar degrees. This degree pairs particularly well with management, social policy, psychology or interdisciplinary social sciences degrees. Our alumni have also successfully paired the minor with degrees in nursing and public health.

Degree Requirements

Acceptance Criteria: Miniminum 2.0 GPA overall
Total Credit Hours: 18
Required Courses:*

  • GGS 101 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • GGS 205 Women in the Global System OR GGS 241 Women in Developing Countries
  • GGS 228 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GGS 330 – Global Women's Voices OR GGS 414 Globalization and Gender
  • Two additional Global Gender Studies elective courses

*Substitution of some courses may be possible; please make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.

How to Apply

Student Voices

I like how thoroughly the teachers explain philosophy and how it connects to current/ historical events because I can transfer that information between different GGS and non-GGS classes.

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