Gender and Globalization Micro-Credential


A Micro-credential in Gender and Globalization will prepare you to be an involved global citizen and to work in a range of organizations that are engaged with issues of gender inequality and globalization.

About the Gender and Globalization Micro-credential

A Micro-credential in Gender and Globalization complements every major on campus. Given our increasingly connected world, current global events and the attention being given to gender inequality and women's positions by major international organizations and foundations including the UN, World Bank, the Ford Foundation and the Gates Foundation. Every student planning to enter the workforce could benefit from the courses supporting this micro-credential.

Micro-Credential Requirements

*Substitutions may be possible; please make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.

Requirements: Current or past student
Acceptance Criteria: Miniminum 2.0 GPA overall
Total Credit Hours: 9  

One Required Course:   

  • GGS 205 – Women in the Global System

The world is a turning point. Precarity, rising inequality, ecological crises, gender and sexual violence, ethnic and religious nationalisms are all leading people to question the promise of development, globalization and liberal democracy. The course is offered each semester.

Plus Two Electives Courses:
  • GGS 240 - Women in Contemporary Asia
  • GGS 241 - Women in Developing Countries
  • GGS 243 - Women in the Middle East
  • GGS 247 - Women in Latin America
  • GGS 308 - Images and Gender
  • GGS 330 - Global Women's Voices
  • GGS 414 - Globalization and Gender
  • GGS 421 - Democracy and Gender
  • GGS 425 - Women's Movements in a Global Perspective
  • Submit either a paper, a poster, or do a presentation in response to one of two different theses form the GGSs Department
  • Write a policy brief around Gender and Globalization

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How to Apply

Micro-credential in Gender and Globalization Application Form

Do you already have an undergraduate degree?
Do you already have an undergraduate degree?
The Purpose

Governments, non-government organizations, and private employers have indicated a demand for graduates with the abilty and know how to think critically about the challenges and possibilities of gender equality and globalization.

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