Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics

Professor Surajit Sen.

What is Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics?

The Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Physics research group focuses on both fundamental and applied problems involving interacting many body systems. The systems of interest are typically the ones involving strongly nonlinear forces between the entities. 

Current work covers a range of problems, including:
- Interacting systems of solitary, unstable nonlinear and acoustic waves in granular, nonlinear spring-mass
   and magnetic systems, emergence of quasi-equilibrium states, and eventual equipartitioning of energy
- Explorations of rogue fluctuations
- Crater formation on granular beds
- Atomistic simulations of nanoscale fluids and of filtration
- Study of sociophysical systems such as primate societies, battles and terrorist attacks
- Impact dispersion and energy harvesting

In 2017, Dr. Sen gave the Steel Instititute Colloquium at the IndianInstitute of Technology. The video recording offers more insight into our research. 

Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics News

  • Physics meets democracy in this modeling study

    A new paper explores how the opinions of an electorate may be reflected in a mathematical model ‘inspired by models of simple magnetic systems.'

  • Om and Saraswati Bahethi Fellowships awarded
    Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi, the Department of Physics has given out three Om and Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship for PhD Students, two scholarship for Masters Students, and one Undergraduate Scholarship.

Who We Are

Surajit Sen – Non-linear Dynamics and Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics (research page)

Current Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics Graduate Students, Postdocs and Research Staff

  • Visiting faculty – Luis P. S. Machado, Univ Fed Pará, Brazil
  • PhD candidates – Rahul Kashyap, Michelle Przedborski (Brock Univ), Kevin VanSlyke, Alexandra Westley 

Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics Courses

  • PHY 519, 520: Statistical Mechanics I and II

Recent Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics Alumni

See where our alumni of the past ten years work now.