Biophysical Society UB Student Chapter

The UB Student Chapter of the Biophysical Society (UB-BPS) is a UB student organization recognized as official BPS Student Chapter in December 2019. It was established to serve the undergraduate and graduate student body in Biological Physics and the Biophysical Sciences. It is affiliated with Biophysical Society, the Physics Graduate Program at UB and the Biophysics Program

Vision of the UB-BPS

The goal of this chapter is to promote biophysics research and education and to help create a sense of community amongst students interested in biophysics. Additionally, the chapter seeks to promote the development of useful professional skills, including collaboration, communication and leadership, and professional network building. The chapter engages in outreach activities, organizes educational events and supports biophysics students' activities. 

Activities the UB-BPS

BPS week 2024.

2024 UB Biophysics Day

On March 29, 2024, UB students, staff, and faculty with expertise or interest in biophysical research will exchange research ideas around posters at Davis Hall, North campus from 1:30-4pm.

At 5pm, incoming BPS president Taekjip Ha from Harvard Medical School will hold the Wu lecture, hosted by physics, in NSC. All are welcome.

Please register for the poster session here.

To get further information about future events, join the UB Biophysics list-serv

Past event: 2023 UB Biophysics Day
On March 31, 2023 , the second UB Biophysics day was held at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. A news article can be found here

Viviana Monje-Galvan, PhD   Assist. Prof. of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Mikhail V. Pletnikov, MD, PhD  Prof. and Chair of Physiology and Biophysics
Gabriela Popescu, PhD  Professor of Biochemistry
Arnd Pralle, PhD  Professor of Physics