Meet RLL's 2021-2022 College Ambassadors

CAS 2018-2019 College Ambassadors.

2018--2019 Ambassadors


In a university as large as UB, it's important that new students have the opportunity to make connections and build professional relationships from the moment they step on campus. With this in mind, every year the College of Arts and Sciences assembles a group of exceptional undergraduate students to serve as College Ambassadors.

The College Ambassadors are student volunteers who have been nominated by faculty and staff after demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. Ambassadors represent the College at a wide variety of events, serving as liaisons between the Dean’s Office and the student body. They are available to provide insight, advice, and information to current and prospective students, as well as their parents.

In return, the Ambassadors participate in unique professional development opportunities, including leadership training and networking events with faculty and alumni. Though potential Ambassadors must be nominated, interested students may speak with their departmental advisor to indicate their enthusiasm.

RLL's College Ambassadors

College Ambassador head shot.

Emma Corriea

Majors: Linguistics and Spanish
Minor: Education

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, UB Language Learning Lab Researcher, Volunteer/Intern at the International Institute of Buffalo, Spanish Conversation Table Facilitator, Rotaract Club Treasurer

Fun Fact: I enjoy rock climbing at my local gym!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
There are a plethora of extracurricular options available at UB. These opportunities are an accessible way to find your interests and develop your skills! Don’t hesitate to volunteer for leadership positions or explore new experiences through these organizations because, while intimidating, they will only better you as a student, professional, and person.

College Ambassador Head shot.

Adam Dounane

Majors: French and Communication

Campus/Community Involvement: French Club president, Concert Band

Fun Fact: I'm a dual-citizen (US and Morocco)

What makes UB unique?
The diversity. It is always a pleasure meeting someone with a background or interests with which I'm not personally familiar-- from all over New York and around the world. There is always something to learn from someone else and there's definitely no shortage of people!

College Ambassador Head shot.

Kristina Roksvold

Major: Speech and Hearing Science
Minor: Italian

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Women's Club Volleyball

Fun Fact: I can play the ukulele. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Do not be afraid to get involved and try new things! College is the time to take risks, whether it be taking a different class or joining a new club.