UB Curriculum and Global Pathways

UB Seminar students.

Through the UB Curriculum Pathways, students will develop a deep knowledge base in a chosen topic and learn how different disciplines approach a similar line of study.

Completing nine credit hours in French, Italian or Spanish is an ideal opportunity to fulfill the Global Pathway: Language and Culture Track. Students will be able to build on skills they already have, and keep improving their linguistic abilities.

Language Pathways are determined by a student's previous language instruction and abilities as established by RLL placement guidelines. A sample Language and Culture Global Pathway for a student who placed into SPA 151 after three years three years of Spanish in high school is: SPA 151 – SPA 152 – SPA 207 or 208. (Any courses taken on the 200-level and above can count toward a major or minor in the language in addition to satisfying the UB Curriculum Global Pathway.)

Students who wish to satisfy the Language and Culture Global Pathway by beginning a new Romance language (for example, Italian) will be expected to take: ITA 101 – ITA 102. All RLL 101 and 102 courses are five credits each, meaning students may complete the requirement in two semesters instead of three.

Did You Know?

Students majoring in other departments are welcome and encouraged to fulfill their Global Pathway requirement with the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. 


If you wish to fulfill the Language and Culture Global Pathway within the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, please consult the placement guidelines.

Contact Us

With questions, or for more information about fulfilling the Language and Culture Global Pathway, please contact Barbara Avila-Shah, language coordinator.