Experiential Learning Funding and Resources

UB faculty may request funding to offset costs associated with experiential learning activities led by their department.

Examples of funding requests include excursions/trips, site-visits, overseas faculty-led study abroad experiences, off-campus fieldwork, etc. and may support accommodations, transportation, event tickets, conference registration fees, etc. Applications include:

  • Contact information
  • Purpose of Project/Excursion
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Date(s), Location(s) and Logistics (accommodations, transportation, meals, etc.)
  • Intended number of and types of (all CAS, undergraduate/graduate, etc.) student participants
  • Upload a detailed budget (total budget, amount your department can contribute, and amount you are seeking from CAS to offset costs)

In order to be considered, please submit your Experiential Learning Funding Proposal Form by the application deadlines. Late applications may be considered, however, funding is limited and not guaranteed. Applications received by the application deadlines will be reviewed by the CAS Experiential Learning Advisory Committee. Decisions on funding allocations will be made within two weeks of the application deadlines:

Application Deadlines

For Winter Term/Spring Semester funding: October 15

For Summer Term/Fall Semester funding: March 15

Off-Campus Waiver Form

Domestic Travel Waiver Form

If your experiential learning opportunity involves taking students off-campus (regardless if just for the day or overnight), please collect an Off-Campus Waiver form from each participant. This liability waiver form has been created and approved by SUNY Legal and the UB Office of Student Engagement.

International Travel Registration

The Office of International Education has been identified as the office for approval and training with regard to international non-credit travel with students. All university activities and programs are subject to a new policy and procedure.

If faculty are taking a group of students outside of the US for a non-credit experience, they may complete the Non-Credit Travel Approval and Registration form, for assistance with risk management and SUNY mandated international health insurance enrollments.  

Additional Resources