Facilities Planning and Management

The Facilities Planning and Management Office (FPMO) at the College of Arts and Sciences strategically develops and implements space planning solutions tailored to both current and future needs, while managing physical space resources, overseeing facility improvements, ensuring building code compliance, and executing a dynamic 3-year capital plan. 

The FPMO office performs the following key functions:

  • Reviews all changes to public-facing and learning spaces.
  • Develops and implements space planning strategies based on both short- and long-term needs. 
  • Prepares and submits Facilities Improvement Project Requests on behalf of the College and/or its departments.
  • Manages internal CAS projects that exceed the scope of individual departments.

Types of requests

Facilities Improvements
  • Initiatives involving planning, design, or execution of improvements or changes to UB facilities
  • Including but not limited to new or renovated spaces, buildings, building systems, grounds, etc.
Space Allocation
  • A need for additional space due to new hires, investments, etc.
Code Review
  • Ensure compliance with ADA regulations, building and fire code, physical space and environmental branding.
  • Assess the risk of environmental hazards or the presence of hazardous materials.

Funding Responsibilities

UB Funds maintenance and repairs of the existing infrastructure. 
College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office Manages operational costs for college-wide initiatives and space reorganization. It invests in enhancements through the Space Optimization Incentive Program (SOIP), which aims to efficiently increase and utilize space, foster collaborative environments, and optimize classroom sharing for full capacity use. 
Your Department Fund upgrades related to finishes, treatments, lighting, technology, and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E).


Things to consider:

Depending on the nature of your request, the process moving forward can vary significantly. The FPMO will help to identify how to proceed.

If your department is independently repurposing space or making improvements to furninture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), it is important to contact the FPMO for a code review to avoid potential code violations.

Basic repairs, upgrades, or cosmetics changes, within a department should be requested directly by the department through the work order request system. This includes:

  • Moving or disposing of items or furniture
  • Purchasing new furniture
  • Painting offices
  • Installing wall mounted items
  • Basic electrical repairs or additional receptacles
  • Network requests or additional drops


Departments should contact the FPMO as early into the process as possible to assess:

  • Scope and feasibility
  • Funding sources and budgets
  • Lead times and scheduling
  • Logistical challenges and the potential effects on surrounding areas.

***Projects that require funding from Resource Planning must be requested by July 1 to be formally submitted to the University on Nov 1. A decision on the pending request will be returned no later than June 30.


Ready to submit a request? Contact the FPMO team at cas-spacemgt@buffalo.edu

Details to include in your request (if applicable):

  • Room numbers and corresponding tenants
  • Secured funding or available budget with corresponding account numbers
  • Preferred timelines or important dates
  • Secondary contacts
  • Scheduling details pertinent to accessing the space

After submitting a request, a FPMO team member will reach out for further details. 

Need Immediate Assistance for an Issue?

For situations requiring immediate assistance, please call 716-645-2025 to notify Customer Service. Examples of situations requiring immediate assistance include leaking pipes or a window that has blown open. 


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CAS Facilities Planning and Management Office Team

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Brian Swartz
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