Faculty Awards and Honors

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The State University at New York and the University at Buffalo provide a number of opportunities for recognition of faculty achievement, including service, teaching, scholarship and creative activities.

SUNY Awards

SUNY Distinguished Series Awards

Distinguished Faculty Rank programs demonstrate the State University’s pride and gratitude for the consummate professionalism, the groundbreaking scholarship, the exceptional instruction and the breadth and significance of service contributions of its faculty. The awards provide SUNY-wide recognition in the categories below:

  • Distinguished Professorship
  • Distinguished Service Professorship
  • Distinguished Teaching Professorship

SUNY Chancellor's Awards

The SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are System-level honors conferred to acknowledge and provide system-wide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Through these awards, SUNY publicly proclaims its pride in the accomplishment and personal dedication of its instructional faculty, librarians and professional staff across its campuses. The awards provide SUNY-wide recognition in the categories below:

  • Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities
  • Excellence in Faculty Service
  • Excellence in Teaching

University at Buffalo Faculty Awards and Recognition

The UB Distinguished Professor recognizes full professors who have achieved true distinction and who are recognized as national and international leaders in their fields.

The UB Exceptional Scholar Award for Sustained Achievement honors outstanding professional achievement that has been focused on a particular body of work over a number of years.

The UB Exceptional Scholar Award for Young Investigators celebrates a recent superior achievement of a scholar in his/her field of study. Such an achievement will have distinguished the recipient as an up-and-coming scholar, as well as earned the individual acclaim for his/her work.

The UB Teaching Innovation Award recognizes faculty members who have contributed significantly to engaging students with new methods and approaches to teaching that have enhanced student-learning outcomes.

Call for Nominations

An annual call for CAS award nominees is issued to all department chairs and administrators in April; this includes instructions, guidelines and CAS deadlines. We encourage departments to review these documents promptly to ensure a smooth and efficient nomination process.  Please note, departments must utilize CAS deadlines for dossier submissions to be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Fisher, staff associate for human resources (smb23@buffalo.edu)

CAS Deadlines

Nomination rosters are due in June, identifying award nominees for the following academic year. When preparing award dossiers, departments must adhere to the internal CAS deadlines. Award dossiers must be reviewed by the CAS Awards Committee or APT Committee prior to delivery to the Provost's Office. Therefore, deadlines for submitting completed dossiers to CAS are earlier than dates listed on the Faculty Affairs website

For guidelines please visit the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.