Undergraduate Admissions

We welcome your application and hope you can join our community of scholars!

Step 1: Apply to the University at Buffalo

Incoming freshman or undergraduate transfer applicants who are interested in pursuing either a BA in Political Science or Minor in Political Science must first apply and be accepted to the University at Buffalo

All relevant information, including admissions criteria; the online application; dates and deadlines; and standardized test score requirements, can be found by visiting UB Undergraduate Admissions.

Step 2: Apply to the Political Science Major or Minor

How to Apply
Students should apply for admission to the major or minor in political science no later than the beginning of their junior year. 

To declare a major in political science, please complete the Major Application Form. To declare a minor in political science, please complete the Minor Application Form. Submit the completed form and a UB Advisement Report to the department office in 520 Park Hall. 

Contact Us

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