BA in Political Science

Undergraduate students in poli-sci class.

Photo: Troy Wachala

The BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Political Science emphasizes the scientific foundation of political science and theory. The program is flexible, designed to provide students with the opportunity to tailor coursework, research experience and experiential learning to their particular interests, and to pursue an additional major or minor. The program prepares students for a wide range of careers, as well as graduate study in psychology and related fields, such as law, business or education.

Learning Outcomes

Students who wish to pursue a BA in Political Science may choose one of six concentrations: General; Advanced; American Politics and Public Affairs; Comparative Politics; International Politics; or Public Law. 

Upon successful completion of all requirements, undergraduate majors will develop:

  • Scholarship in three of the following four fields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations or public law
  • Writing skills to intellectually communicate their ideas and research findings about political topics
  • The analytical skills necessary to think critically about political, social and economic behavior
  • An understanding of their role as an engaged citizen in a democratic political system
Student Testimonials

“I don't think I could've accomplished as much as I have in my life and career without the quality education I received at UB. My time at UB provided me with an outlet to focus my energy to achieve what I wanted out of my life.”
– Jeffrey Pomietlarz, BA in Political Science

Degree Requirements

Prerequisites: Any two Political Science courses

Required Courses:*
12 PSC courses, eight of which must be upper division (300/400 level):

PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics

One of the following courses: 

PSC 100 Enduring Issues in Political Science 

PSC 102 Introduction to International Politics

PSC 103 Intro to Comparative Politics 

PSC 104 Introduction to Political Philosophy

One of the following Methods of Inquiry courses:

PSC 200 Empirical Political Science

PSC 393 Game Theory and Politics

PSC 408 Basic Statistics for Social Science.

(Acceptable substitutions: SOC 294, ECO 480, PSY 207, STA 119, SSC 225, MGQ 301 and GEO 211)

At least one course in any three of the following four Political Science fields: 

American Politics

Comparative Politics

International Relations

Public Law

Additional Political Science electives/courses to meet the major requirements. A maximum of two courses (6 credit hours) can be from the following: 

PSC 496 Political Science Internship

PSC 497 Honors Thesis

PSC 499 Independent Study

Total Required Credit Hours: 36

*Some concentrations have additional required courses. UB Seminar courses cannot count toward major requirements.

Majors are strongly advised to satisfy their Methods of Inquiry course requirement early in their course of studies, preferably within the first two years of their coursework.

Major Concentrations