Minor in Political Science

Undergraduate students in a poli-sci class.

Photo: Troy Wachala

The Minor in Political Science is designed to give students broad exposure to a diverse discipline. Within a modern, vibrant department, students have access to cutting-edge research facilities, highly productive faculty, and effective classroom instruction that reflects the latest in political science education.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses

PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics

One of the following courses: 

PSC 100 Enduring Issues in Political Science 

PSC 102 Introduction to International Politics

PSC 103 Intro to Comparative Politics 

PSC 104 Introduction to Political Philosophy

One of the following methods of inquiry courses:

PSC 200 Empirical Political Science (or)

PSC 393 Game Theory and Politics (or)

PSC 408 Basic Statistics for Social Science

(Approved substitutions: SOC 294, ECO 480, PSY 207, STA 119, SSC 225, MGQ 301 and GEO 211)

Three upper division 300/400-level PSC courses; at least one must be in the area of: 

Comparative Politics (or)

International Relations (or)

Political Philosophy

At least one additional Political Science course in any field at any level.

Total Required Credit Hours: 21

Did You Know?

A Minor in Political Science pairs well with majors in American studies, history, communication, international relations, geography, English, sociology, business and public health.