Psychotherapy Services

The PSC is committed to providing evidence-based treatments for individuals, couples and families. Because assessment is an integral component to evidence-based care, the first few sessions of treatment for all clients will include a thorough psychological assessment. This allows our clinicians to recommend the best available treatment option to meet your needs. The fee for therapy sessions is determined during your intake appointment, based on a sliding scale.

Intake Process for Individual Therapy

When you contact the PSC, we will schedule an initial 30 minute phone intake or “screening” appointment, typically occurring within one week. During the phone screen, you will meet with one of our clinicians to discuss your concerns and reason(s) for seeking treatment, and to ensure that the PSC is the best fit for your needs. Following the screen, you will be matched with the next-available clinician, who will contact you to set up your first therapy session. There is no fee for this initial phone screen.

Intake Process for Children, Couples and Families

When you contact the PSC, we will briefly gather information regarding your reason(s) for seeking treatment to ensure that the PSC is the best fit for your needs. Once a clinician is available, you will be contacted to set up your initial appointment. At that time, you will also be mailed a packet of information to complete and bring with you to your initial appointment.

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