Meet CaTyra

CaTrya Polland.

CaTyra graduated from UB in 2008 with a double major in Sociology and Spanish.  She now owns her own business based in Rochester NY, Polland Enterprises LLC, specializing in career preparation and editing.  She is a 2018 Rochester Business Journal "Forty under 40" honoree, in recognition of her professional success and contributions to the Rochester community.  Here's what CaTyra has to say about the importance of her knowlege of Spanish and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures:

When I was a sophomore in high school I decided to major in Sociology/Spanish. Ultimately, those were my exact majors at the University at Buffalo.

I originally wanted to be a Spanish teacher but I changed my mind along the way. However, I still wanted to major in Spanish. I knew the importance of being bilingual and the rapid growth of the Spanish speaking population.

I studied in Puerto Rico for a semester. I was immersed in the culture which forced me to speak the language. It was an enlightening, fun and educational opportunity.  

As a former Social Worker at the Salvation Army, I worked with families who spoke little to no English. My knowledge allowed me help them. I also used Spanish to assist other customers while shopping. I recently helped a family communicate with a cashier indicating they only accept bills smaller than fifty dollars. My intermediate level grasp of the language has served me well, presented several opportunities and allowed me to help native Spanish speakers. Thank you Romance & Languages Department for fostering my growth and encouraging me during my undergraduate career with the University at Buffalo.