Meet Hannah

Recent graduate Hannah Griffith (BA in Spanish and International Studies) is ready to take her global experiences and translate them into change at home.  

Hannah Griffiths.

Hannah Griffith, BA '17

"I come from a small town in New York State, and the first time I visited UB and heard three different languages, I knew it was the place for me! I was fascinated by the diversity and all that I could learn." Griffith calls the support she has received from UB Fund donors incredible.

“It has made it possible for me to pursue my degree in international studies,” she says. “My classes have prepared me well. But it’s the experiences I’ve had outside the classroom that are preparing me for my future even more. Gifts to UB helped me to study abroad in Mexico and Russia, land an internship at a bilingual public school and work with nonprofit organizations in the Buffalo area.”

After graduation, Griffith, a recipient of a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence, plans to start a nonprofit organization for dual communities: Buffalo and another community abroad.

“I will travel to find the right location to help, determine their greatest needs and figure out how best to meet them,” she says. “Then I will return to Buffalo and begin doing it! With my in-class knowledge, my out-of-class experiences, and with the support of my family, friends and the UB community, I know I’m on my way.”

Griffith says she is sharing her story so that your continued support, via a gift to the UB Fund, will help other students.

“My time at UB has been incredible. I never imagined that I’d have had so many opportunities to experience the world. I am grateful to donors like you for helping make it possible.” 

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