Connor Carrow, Class of 2022

Connor Carrow.

Graduation Date

May 2022


Cognitive Science; Economics 


Spanish; Asian Studies


Lancaster, NY

Campus Involvement

Honors Ambassador; Volunteer Coordinator for UB’s Public Health Club; UB’s Mock Trial team; Project lead for a start-up club called the Buffalo Free Thought Network (FTN); Interdisciplinary Peer Mentor for HON 101 (a class where UB’s freshman Presidential Scholars tackle an “Impossible Project”; this year they are tackling the problem of Discrimination).  

Experiential Learning Activities

TA for Bio 200; TA for Honors Colloquium; Paid intern for AVOX Systems in Lancaster.

Why did you choose Social Sciences Interdisciplinary?

What attracted me to the IDP Cognitive Science concentration was an interest in mind and consciousness, and a disenchantment with how other disciplines go about studying those things.  I think Cognitive Scientists leave an appropriate amount of room for uncertainty in studying what is undoubtedly the greatest mystery in academia.  

What have you liked best about your experience in IDP so far?

The flexibility it has allowed me; the diverse array of courses that one can take as an IDP major, as well as the myriad ways you can work an IDP major together with other courses of study has allowed me to explore my interests to their fullest extent.

What are you hoping to do in the future?

I hope to pursue a PhD in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science.  I would like to study the relationship between mind and matter, and I hope to explore the idea that the fabric of consensus reality is, to borrow a phrase from J.B.S. Haldane, “…queerer than we can suppose”.  I’d like to do so by contributing to the revival currently taking place in the study of psychedelic drugs, specifically by exploring the cultural and economic effects of their widespread use in various communities throughout history. 

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