Zoe Albertinie, Class of 2021

Zoe Albertinie.

Graduation Date

May 2021


Health and Human Services: Early Childhood Studies


Bronx, New York City

Experiential Learning Activities

Internship with the Partnership for Afterschool Education, NYC

Campus Involvement

College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador; Resident Assistant; Job in the Graduate School of Education’s Dean’s Office

Why did you choose Social Sciences Interdisciplinary?

What attracted me to the IDP program was the ability to study education … With the IDP program I was able to have a concentration in Early Childhood Studies which then allowed me to take classes focused on my interests.

What has been your favorite class to date?

My favorite class would have to be Introduction to Education taught by Amanda Seccia. Amanda challenged us to become critical thinkers through our weekly discussion boards and class discussions. As a class, we all felt comfortable speaking on topics and challenging great works through our article critiques. By the end of the semester, I became a better student and individual. I not only grew as a student but as a thinker.

What advice would you give to an incoming UB student?

My piece of advice for an incoming freshman would be that it’s ok if you’re undecided … As a freshman, it’s important to try things out and find out what really works for you. Discover your passions and what truly makes you happy. As the saying goes, “you can overcome failure and rejection, but there’s no cure for regret.” So just do it!

What accomplishment are you most proud of so far during your time at UB?

I have accomplished many things at UB, but my most recent is being able to attain a 3.938 GPA in my spring ’19 semester while juggling five courses in my concentration, as well as securing an internship and college ambassador position.

What is one fun fact about you?

I am secretly a hopeless romantic who loves reading romance novels and watching drama-filled movies.

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