Combined Degrees

Students with Buffalo statue, North Campus.

The Department of Economics offers two special combined degree tracks for undergraduate students with a qualifying GPA. Combined degrees allow students to complete both a bachelor's and master's degree in 4.5 or 5 years.

Interested students should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as early as possible to discuss this option and apply no later than their junior year. Admission to the combined degree tracks is only available for the Fall semester. 

  • BA/MA in Economics
    In this course of study, students earn both a BA and MA degree in less time than it generally takes to complete the two degrees separately. The BA/MA track streamlines the graduate degree completion process and is designed for students who wish to become professional economists, using both economic theory and economic data to provide quantitative analyses of economic issues.
  • BA/MS EQE in Economics
    The BA/MS EQE degree is intended for students who desire a more quantitative master's-level training in economics, with the aim of pursuing a career in rigorous financial analysis and in international economics; industrial economics; economics consulting; quantitative risk management in a financial institution; teaching at the university level; performing research at a government agency or think tank; or preparing to enter a PhD program in economics or a related business field.