PhD Excellence Initiative

A campus-wide, student-centric effort to ensure that UB’s PhD programs remain among the strongest in the world.

Messages from the Dean

CAS PhD Excellence Bridge Committee

  • Stephen Tiffany, Psychology, Committee Chair
  • Rachel Ablow, English, Director of Humanities
  • Michelle Benson, Political Science, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Craig Colder, Psychology, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Jonathan Golove, Music, Chair
  • David Hertzberg, History
  • Laura Rusche, Biological Sciences
  • David Watson, Chemistry, Chair
  • Krzysztof Ziarek, Comparative Literature, Chair

CAS PhD Excellence Curriculum and Teaching Committee

  • David Castillo, Romance Languages and Literature, Committee Chair
  • Rachel Ablow, English, Director of Humanities
  • Ashley Barr, Sociology
  • Anne Burnidge, Theatre and Dance, Chair
  • Colleen Culleton, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Denise Ferkey, Biological Sciences, Associate Chair
  • Xuedong Hu, Physics, Director of Graduate Studies
  • William Menasco, Mathematics
  • Sara Metcalf, Geography
  • Cris Miller, English, Arts Management Program Director
  • Sasha Pack, History, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Neil Williams, Philosophy, Chair