Beata Csatho


Beata Csatho.

Beata Csatho


Beata Csatho



Remote sensing, glaciology, climate change, geophysics


PhD, Geophysics, University of Miskolc, Hungary – 1993

Research Interests

Monitoring ice sheet mass balance and ice dynamics to understand ongoing rapid cryospheric changes; combining geophysical, remote sensing, climate and glaciological observations to understand the linkages between subglacial geology and ice sheet dynamics; reconstructing cryospheric changes from historical observations; developing new methods for change detection, data fusion and visualization to support Earth science applications.

Course Offerings

  • GLY 465/565 – Environmental remote sensing
  • GLY 560 – GIS for Earth scientists
  • GLY 572 – Advanced optical and infrared spectral remote sensing

Current Students

  • Greg Babonis – PhD – NASA ESSF fellow, Investigating subglacial controls on Greenland ice sheet dynamics.
  • David Brooks – MS
  • Nicholas Dahn – MS
  • Kyle Duncan – MS
  • David McCormick – MS – Investigating different outlet glacier forcing mechanisms.
  • Lindsay Wendler – MS

Recent Former Students

  • Soroush Rezvan-Behbahani – MS (2013) – Thesis Title: “Temporal history of ice dynamics contribution to volume changes of southeast region of the Greenland Ice Sheet.”
  • Justin Rich – MS (2009) – Thesis Title: “Characterizing polar landscapes using object-oriented multi-resolution analysis.”; Currently employed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a Research Professional.
  • Heather Stewart – MS (2009) – Thesis Title: “Climate vs dynamic forcing of Greenland’s largest glacier: A study of Jakobshavn Isbrae’s response to the Little Ice Age.”; Currently employed as Natural Resource Specialist with the State of Alaska.
  • Robert Wheelwright – MA (2014) – Project title: “Determining surface roughness and shape of fast-moving glacier ice.”
  • Melissa Zelazny – MS (2011) – Thesis Title: “Lineament mapping using remote sensing techniques and structural geology for CO2 sequestration site characterization in central New York State”; Currently employed at Montgomery & Associates as a Hydrogeologist.

Recent Publications

Schenk, T., B. Csatho, C.J. van der Veen, and D. McCormick, 2014. Fusion of multi-sensor surface elevation data for improved characterization of rapidly changing outlet glaciers in Greenland. Remote Sensing of Environment, 149, 239-251. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2014.04.005Sutterley, T.C., I. Velicogna, B. Csatho, M. van den Broeke, S. Rezvan-Behbahani, G. Babonis, 2014. Evaluating Greenland glacial isostatic adjustment correction using GRACE, laser altimetry, and regional atmospheric climate model outputs. Environmental Research Letters, 9, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/9/1/014004.

Khan, S.A. ,Kjaer, K., N. Korsgaard , J. Wahr , I. Joughin , L. Timm, J. Bamber , M. van den Broeke, L. Stearns , G. Hamilton , B. Csatho , K. Nielsen , R. Hurkmans , G. Babonis, 2013. Dynamic thinning events during 1985-2010 on Upernavik Isstrom, West Greenland. Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, 118, 1-11, doi: 10.1029/2012JF002481.

Kelley, S. E., J.P. Briner, N.E. Young, G.S. Babonis and B. Csatho, 2012. Maximum late Holocene extent of the western Greenland Ice Sheet during the late 20th century. Quaternary Science Reviews, 56, 89-98.

Schenk, T., B. Csatho, 2012. A new methodology for detecting ice sheet surface elevation changes from laser altimetry data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 50(9), 3302-3316, doi:10.1109/ TGRS.2011.2182357.

Young, N.A., J.P. Briner, Y. Axford, B. Csatho, G.S. Babonis, D.H. Rood, R.C. Finkel, 2011. Response of a marine-terminating Greenland outlet glacier to abrupt cooling 8200 and 9300 years ago. Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L24701, doi:10.1029/2011GL049639.

Young, N. E., J.P. Briner, H.A. M. Stewart, Y. Axford, B. Csatho, D.H. Rood, R.C. Finkel, 2011. Response of Jakobshavn Isbr, Greenland, to Holocene climate change. Geology, 39(2), 131-134. doi:10.1130/G31399.1.

Bue, B. D., Merenyi, E., Csatho, B. M. , 2010. Automated labeling of materials in hyperspectral imagery via spectral matching. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 48(11), 4059-4070.

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van der Veen C. J., Y. Ahn, B. M. Csatho, E. Mosley-Thompson, W. B. Krabill, 2009. Surface roughness over the northern half of the Greenland Ice Sheet from airborne laser altimetry. Journal of Geophysical Research,114, F01001, doi:10.1029/2008JF001067.

Csatho, B., T. Schenk, P. Kyle, T. Wilson and W.B. Krabill, 2008. Airborne laser swath mapping of the summit of Erebus volcano, Antarctica: Applications to geological mapping of a volcano. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research , 177, 531-548, doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores. 2008.08.016.

Csatho, B., T. Schenk, C.J. van der Veen and W.B. Krabill, 2008. Intermittent thinning of Jakobshavn Isbrae, West Greenland, since the Little Ice Age. Journal of Glaciology, 54(184), 131-144.

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