Robert Jacobi


Robert Jacobi.

Robert Jacobi


Robert Jacobi



Structure, tectonics, sedimentology, stratigraphy, remote sensing, seismic interpretation, aeromagnetics, gravity, seismicity in the Appalachian Basin.


PhD, Geology, Columbia University--1980

Research Interests

My present focus is on 1) faults, fractures, folds and tectonics in the Appalachian Basin, 2) the tectonics of the Appalachian Orogen, 3) the relationships between the basin and the orogen, and 4) drivers of seismicity in the basin. The data sets that I integrate for a better understanding of the basin and orogen are seismic reflection data, FMI logs and other borehole imaging systems, core, extensive field work (47 years of sed, strat, structure), gravity, magnetics, seismicity and in the past, geochemistry.

Former Students

Alex O’Hara–PhD (12/7/2018) —Thesis Title: Defining the width and average fracture frequency of fracture intensification domains using a partial least squares analysis, linear piecewise regression, and the Akaike information criterion: implications for the evolution of fracture-dominated fault damage zones.

Tayler Schweigel—MS (2018) – Mohawk Valley fractures in core and outcrop

Jodi Fisher—MS (11/12/2012) – Comprehensive Structural Map of the Appalachian Basin in Central New York State

Mike LaGamba—MS (7/2012) – Marcellus fractures

Melissa Zelazny (joint with Dr. Csatho)–MS (2011) – Thesis Title: “Lineament mapping using remote sensing techniques and structural geology for CO2 sequestration site characterization in central New York State”; Currently employed at Montgomery & Associates as a Hydrogeologist.

Stacey Hanson—MS (2010) — Thesis Title: Structure and vein isotopic signatures of a Cambro-Ordovician 360M core from Saratoga Springs region, New York State: Implications for tectonics, gas exploration, and CO2 sequestration.

Recent Publications

Jacobi, Robert, Starr, Joel, Eckert, Craig, Mitchell, Charles, and Leaver, Alan, 2021, Relay ramps and rhombochasms in the northern Appalachian Basin: Extensional and strike-slip tectonics in the Marcellus Formation and Utica Group: AAPG Bulletin, v. 105, no. 10 (October 2021), pp. 2093–2124

O'Hara, Alex P., Jacobi, Robert D., and Sheets, H. David, 2017, Predicting the width and average fracture frequency of damage zones using a partial least squares statistical analysis: Implications for fault zone development: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 98, p. 38-52.

Jacobi, R.D., and Mitchell, C., 2018, Aseismic ridge subduction as a driver for the Ordovician Taconic orogeny and Utica foreland basin in New England and New York State, in Ingersoll, R.V., Lawton, T.F., and Graham, S.A., eds., Tectonics, Sedimentary Basins, and Provenance: A Celebration of William R. Dickinson’s Career: Geological Society of America Special Paper 540, p. 617–659,

Schimmelmann, Arndt, Ensminger, Scott A., Drobniak, Agnieszka, Mastalerz, Maria, Etiope, Giuseppe, Jacobi, Robert D., and Frankenberg, Christian, 2018, Natural geological seepage of hydrocarbon gas in the Appalachian Basin and Midwest USA in relation to shale tectonic fracturing and past industrial hydrocarbon production: Science of the Total Environment, v. 644, n. 10, p. 982-993.

Jacobi, Robert D. and Ebel, John E., 2019, Seismotectonic implications of the Berne earthquake swarms west-southwest of Albany, New York: Lithosphere, v. 11, n. 5, p. 750-764.