Jason Briner

professor flerf.

Professor;Director of Undergraduate Studies

PhD, Geological Sciences, University of Colorado – 2003

410 Hochstetter Hall
(716) 645-4326


Quaternary and glacial geology, paleoclimatology, arctic environmental change

Research Interests

My interests lie in the broad field of Quaternary geology and global climate change. I study glacial settings to better understand ice sheet processes, glacial landscape evolution and past glacier fluctuations. I also study paleoenvironments recorded in Holocene and Pleistocene lake sediments to better understand paleoclimate, which provides a template for modern global change.

Course Offerings

  • GLY 101/102 – Global Environmental Science
  • GLY 312 – Surface Processes and Hydrology I
  • GLY 445/545 – Glacial Geology
  • GLY 453/553 – Quaternary Dating and Paleoclimate
  • GLY 478/578 – Advanced Field Methods: Alaska’s Changing Glacial Landscapes
  • GLY 499 – Independent Study
  • GLY 599 – Supervised Teaching
  • GLY 633 – Graduate Research
  • GLY 700 – Thesis Guidance

Current Students

Please see the Paleoclimate Lab for a list of current students. 

Recent Publications

See Dr. Briner's recent publications here: