Major or Double Major Requirements

Acceptance Criteria: Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
Total required credit hours: 36
Required Courses:*

Core Curriculum: 24 credit hours

  • GGS 101 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • GGS 205 Women in the Global System OR GGS 241 Women in Developing Countries
  • GGS 228 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GGS 330 Global Women's Voices OR GGS 414 Globalization and Gender
  • GGS 490 Senior Thesis OR GGS 497 Department Honors Thesis OR GGS 498 UG Research and Creative Activities

Electives: 12 credit hours

  • Students are required to take 12 credit hours of electives in the Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Students must get permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies to substitute elective courses taken outside of the department
  • 24 of the 36 total credit hours needed for the GGS Major/Double Major must be upper-level (i.e., 300 or 400 level). These 24 credits may include courses taken in fulfillment of the major requirements

The Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies offers courses across three inter-related areas. Students must complete one course in each of the three areas. Choose from the following:

Cultures and Identities

  • GGS 265 Sexuality and Cultures
  • GGS 273 Fashion: Art and Practice
  • GGS 308 Image and Gender
  • GGS 368 Research in Human Sexuality and Religion
  • GGS 369 Queer Theory
  • GGS 379 Sex: Gender and Popular Culture
  • GGS 415 Media and Gender

Women and Global Citizenship

  • GGS 334 Women in the Middle East
  • GGS 340 Women in Contemporary Asia
  • GGS 347 Women in Latin America
  • GGS 350 Gender Issues in Contemporary Africa
  • GGS 421 Democracy and Gender
  • GGS 425 Women's Movement
  • GGS 466 Women Work and Social Change

Gender and Public Policy

  • GGS 324 Controlling Reproduction
  • GGS 325 Violence in a Gendered World
  • GGS 353 Law Interprets Gender
  • GGS 360 Women's Health: Problems and Practices
  • GGS 487 International Organizations, Gender and Sustainability
  • GGS 496 Women’s Studies Internship

*Substitution of some courses may be possible; please make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.