Joint Major Requirements

Many students incorporate their Global Gender Studies degree with other departmental offerings across campus, either as a second major, joint major or a minor degree. 

Acceptance Criteria: Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
Total Credit Hours:
Required Courses:*

Core Curriculum:

  • GGS 101 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • GGS 205 Women in the Global System OR GGS 241 Women in Developing Countries
  • GGS 228 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GGS 330 Global Women's Voices OR GGS 414 Globalization and Gender


One course from each area (Cultures and Identities; Women and Global Citizenship; and Gender and Public Policy) and one additional elective.

Cultures and Identities

  • GGS 265 Sexuality and Cultures
  • GGS 273 Fashion: Art and Practice
  • GGS 308 Image and Gender
  • GGS 368 Research on Sexuality and Religion
  • GGS 369 Queer Theory
  • GGS 379 Sex: Gender and Popular Culture
  • GGS 415 Media and Gender

Women and Global Citizenship

  • GGS 334 Women in the Middle East
  • GGS 340 Women in Contemporary Asia
  • GGS 347 Women in Latin America
  • GGS 350 Gender Issues in Contemporary Africa
  • GGS 421 Democracy and Gender
  • GGS 425 Women's Movement
  • GGS 466 Women Work and Social Change

Gender and Public Policy

  • GGS 324 Controlling Reproduction
  • GGS 325 Violence in a Gendered World
  • GGS 353 Law Interprets Gender
  • GGS 360 Women's Health: Problems and Practices
  • GGS 487 International Organizations, Gender and Sustainability
  • GGS 496 Women’s Studies Internship

*Substitution of some courses may be possible; please make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.