D. Munroe Eagles


Munroe Eagles.

D. Munroe Eagles


D. Munroe Eagles


Scholarly Interests

Political and electoral geography; Canadian politics; Canadian-American relations; comparative political parties and groups; West European politics

Contact Information

522 Park Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-8447



D. Munroe Eagles is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University at Buffalo, an adjunct professor in the Department of Geography, academic director of the Canadian Studies Program, and former associate dean for graduate studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. He has served on a number of editorial boards and on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Political Science Association. His most recent co-authored book, Politics is Local: National Politics at the Grassroots (with Ken Carty of the University of British Columbia), was published in 2005 by Oxford University Press, and was short-listed for the CPSA’s “Donald Smiley Prize” for the best book published on Canadian politics in 2005.


  • PhD, Political Science, University of California, Irvine
  • MA, Political Science, Queen's University
  • BA, Political Science, Acadia University (honors)

Current Research

Political and electoral geography; comparative political parties; comparative campaign finance regulation; electoral boundary adjustment; public opinion and Canadian-American relations; social context and political behavior; Canadian political parties and elections.

Courses Taught

  • PSC 100 – Enduring Issues in Political Science
  • PSC 222 – Politics and Society
  • PSC 227 – Political Geography
  • PSC 340 – Politics of Western Europe
  • PSC 345 – Canadian Politics
  • PSC 436 – Citizen Participation
  • PSC 503 – Comparative Politics
  • PSC 520 – Major Political Systems
  • PSC 522 – Comparative Political Parties & Groups
  • PSC 621 – Political Geography

Selected Publications

  • Co-authored with R. Kenneth Carty, Politics is Local:  National Politics at the Grassroots, Don Mills, ON:  Oxford University Press of Canada ,2005. ISBN: 0-19-541849-2
  • Co-authored with Paul Bélanger, “Partisan Cross-Pressures and Voter Turnout:  The Influence of Micro- and Macro-Environments,” Social Science Quarterly, 88:  3 (September 2007): 850-67.
  • “Canadian-American Relations in a Turbulent Era,” (part of a mini-symposium on “the Politics of Canada”),  PS:  Political Science and Politics, XXXIX, 4 (October 2006): 821-24.
  • Co-authored with Paul Bélanger, “The Geography of Class and Religion in Canadian Elections Revisited,” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 39, 3 (September 2006):  591-609.
  • Co-authored with R. Kenneth Carty, “Electoral Cycles, Party Organization, and Mobilization in Canada,” Australian Journal of Politics and History, 50, 4 (December 2004): 556-72.