Drawing by Foran.

Explore line, shape and form in a variety of mediums on a diversity of scales. Work in large rooms with skylights and spotlights at dimensions that are only limited by your imagination. Here, we explore everything from still-life and life drawing to anatomical and architectural drawing. Our award-winning instructors are here to help you refine and expand your skills.

Drawing Labs

  • 2 large Drawing class rooms and labs outfitted with skylights and adjustable spotlights 
  • Each room has a 62” flat screen for teaching and presentations
  • Model changing rooms
  • Pedestals and model platforms
  • Flat files, sinks, tables, lockers, etc.

Student Works

"Leaving a Mark with Murals" - ART307 Thematic Drawing Class

Students from ART307 Thematic Drawing course in the Department of Art, led by Faculty member Millie Chen, get to leave their mark on the UBCFA. See the inspiration behind the mural pieces and what it is like to watch the Center for the Arts come to life with students’ artwork.

Video produced by the UBCFA - University at Buffalo Center for the Arts

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